Our Club Tours – 5th and 7th of September


The Tour of Britain is on its way from the 3rd to the 9th of September. Lets forget the fuss about Brexit – what counts now is the sport.

This week, we’ll be on the road once again. Just like every year close to the end of the season, we’ll be tackling the Peter’s Mountain – with all of our groups!

As per usual, we start at 5:30 pm at T-Campus on Landgrabenweg.

Detailed tracks of the tours will be communicated in our internal communication.

Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017:

  • Beginners (avg. speed between 20 und 22 km/h):
    Peter’s Mountain (21.75 miles/417 yards elevation gain)everybody will make it, promise!
    Guides: Norman and Thomas S.
  • Group Number One (avg. speed between 21 und 24 km/h):
    Hemp River medium range (32,9 miles/825 yards elevation gain) – Undulating terrain and three climbs
    Guides: Lutz and Heike
  • Group Number Two (avg. speed between 25 und 28 km/h):
    Hemp River medium range (32,9 miles/825 yards elevation gain) – Undulating terrain and three climbs
    Guide: Martin A.

Thursday, Sept. 9, 2017:

  • Group Number One, A und B (avg. speed between 21 und 24 km/h):
    Thomas Mountain (24,23 miles/722 yards elevation gain) – Short, taxing, with a nice view from the Peter’s Mountain
    Guides: Michael, Ralph, Frank Z., Uwe T.
  • Group Number Two, A und B (avg. speed between 25 und 28 km/h):
    Vista Tour (23,6 miles/912 yards elevation gain) – Short route featuring demanding climbs, still worth the outlook on our beloved Rhine valley
    Guides: Martin A., Frank F., Markus
  • Group Number Three (avg. speed between 27 und 30 km/h)
    Much Meadow Valley (30,44 miles/1093 yards elevation gain) – Short route, 4 climbs that will (hopefully) make your thighs burn
    Guides: Juergen P. and Thomas S.
  • MTB:
    Seven Mountains
    Guide: Frank J.


Wie immer gilt: Bitte schaut Euch unsere Sicherheitshinweise und die Hinweise zum Fahren in der Gruppe an. Bitte haltet Euch an die Anweisungen der Guides. Die sportliche Betätigung auf unseren Radtouren erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr. Für Unfälle und Schäden, gleich welcher Art, übernehmen wir keine Haftung. Die Trainingstouren können wegen schlechten Wetters kurzfristig abgesagt werden.

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